Broulee Surfers Surf Life Saving Club Inc.

Current Policies - Two

February 2015

BOARD TRAINING POLICY - 22nd February 2015

The Broulee Nippers offers board training for children from Under 9’s and above on Monday afternoons from 4.30pm – 5.30pm.  The aim of the sessions is to improve the skills and fitness of the Nippers and to prepare for competition. Children must be swim proficient to attend.  It is at the discretion of the coach as to who participates in board training depending upon their ability and prevailing surf conditions.  An additional session for our more senior competitors may be scheduled on another day.  Please look for details in the club Notices. 

Children must be supervised by a parent or nominated adult at all times and assist with water safety if qualified.

All children must wear hi-vis rash vests, bring a water bottle and goggles.

Once started a training session, children must complete the session unless injured or sick.

On completion of board training all children will leave the water, wash and return boards to the gear shed.

A risk assessment will be completed prior to each session.  All water safety personnel must sign the patrol log.

February 2015


  • The decision to stay at South Broulee or move Nippers to North Broulee will be made according the SLS Standard Operating Procedure, page 62.

The Patrol Captain shall have internal SLS ‘control’ of all lifesaving activities on the beach including ‘Nippers’.
The Nipper Coordinator (person in charge of Nippers on the day) shall have delegated ‘command’ of their water safety delivery requirements – as per the SLSA Water Safety Policy. The Nipper Coordinator and the Patrol Captain should conduct a risk assessment and agree for nipper activities to take place, however the command role is undertaken by the Patrol Captain as necessary and this means that the Patrol Captain has final authority on whether nipper activities can proceed or not.
An ongoing line of communication should be maintained between the Patrol Captain and Nipper Coordinator, including a pre-activity briefing. The nipper area shall be in contact with the patrol via radio at all times.

  • Formal Risk Assessment conducted by Water Safety Supervisor / Nippers coordinator using the hard copy risk assessment form or iPhone app.
  • Option of Under 13’s and Under 14’s staying at South Broulee whilst younger ages proceed to North.  This is dependent on sufficient numbers of capable water safety available and the patrol captain agreeing to them proceeding with Nippers at South Broulee.
  • If Under 13’s / U14’s stay at South Broulee a 2nd risk assessment is completed and signed off by the Age Manager in charge. 
  • Water Safety: All water safety must sign logbook.

Steps to take once decision is made to move to North:

1. Patrol
- All age managers sign on as patrol (roaming)
- They form the patrol to cover Nippers
- Patrol captain to inform any late comers of the move.

2. Water Safety
- All water safety must sign onto the logbook.
- Appropriate water safety equipment is taken to North Broulee.
- Water Safety coordinator takes radios to North Broulee, ensuring they have contact with South Broulee patrol.

3. Safety Equipment

- Appropriate safety equipment be taken including:
- First aid kit with oxygen
- Bum Bag for patrolling members
- Mobile phone
- ATV to take injured Nippers back to surf club.
- Radio’s x 2 (one for back up)
- Rescue boards and tubes
- Flags to mark Nippers areas