BSSLSC Patrol Exemption / Obligation Policy

  1. All members are bound by the SLSA Patrol Exemption/Obligation Policy set out in the SLSA Regulations.
    As a patrolling member of a SLSC you have an obligation to your club, your patrol and to the public to ensure you meet your patrol commitments.
    If you are unable to complete a patrol, please arrange a swap with another member from an alternate patrol.
    Then advise your Patrol Captain of the change.

  2. All members who wish to compete at any SLSA competition must be registered, proficient and carry out required patrol duties.
    For all competing members, the minimum number of personal patrol hours required for the period 1 Jan to 31 Dec is 25 (with pro-rata hours calculated for new and returning members).
    Hours will only be calculated on the personal patrol hours completed by the competitor either by roster, substitute, voluntary patrols and water safety for juniors.
    Failure to complete your rostered patrol could mean you are in default of those hours.
    If you are unable to complete a rostered patrol and to avoid being in default, please ensure you:

    • Make a genuine attempt to find a substitute;

    • Complete the hours of the person you have swapped with to fulfil your obligation; and

    • Advise your Patrol Captain of the change or, despite making a genuine effort, that you were unsuccessful in finding a replacement.

  3. If a member fails to find a replacement (despite making a genuine effort) and they have advised the Patrol Captain, they will not be classed as being in default.
    However, any competitor who is in default of rostered patrol hours must make good the default, before they are eligible to compete again.
    To make good default hours, contact the Club Captain who will allocate an alternate Patrol for the hours to be made up.