Online Membership

All three steps listed here need to be completed before we can process your request to register or renew with Broulee Surfers SLSC.


If you and/or your family are registering with SLS for the first time:

Please visit and follow the instructions to register and pay.
If there are a few of you (i.e. a family joining), repeat this registration process for each new member then pay at the end.




The Members Area is a system that covers memberships, patrol rosters, training and awards all in one place.
renew your membership online you need to have a Members Area account.

  • Every family (a parent / carer) will have to create at least one Members Area account
    and then create a family group
    to be able to renew all family members together.
  • Every member intending to do courses and / or patrols will need their own Members Area.
    They can still be part of a family group in another member’s area (e.g. parents).

Create a new Members Area account here
Log into your Members Area account here
Forgot your username or password?

Create your Family Group:
⇨ Log into your Members area
⇨ Memberships
⇨ Family
⇨ Create Family Group
⇨ Fill in the fields to add your family members one at a time.


Single member renewal:
⇨ Log into your Members area
⇨ Memberships
⇨ Renewals, Payments and Transfers
⇨ Renew
⇨ Check / amend your details if necessary
⇨ Check the declaration boxes
⇨ Submit
⇨ Make Payment (either from your Members Area or via Step 3 below)

Family renewal:
⇨ Log into your Members area
⇨ Memberships
⇨ Family
⇨ Renew Memberships (under the heading Action in the family group box)
⇨ Check the box for each family member
⇨ Check declaration box
⇨ Submit
⇨ Make Payment (either from your Members Area or via Step 3 below)

Our Club registrar Cherise is happy to help you with any registration / renewal difficulties you may have
and can be contacted at 


Payments can be made either from within your Members Area or via our payment gateway link shown below in Step 3.
Please enter individual or family group name in the reference.


If you are aged 18 and over and haven't completed a "Working With Children" form before, please download the form here:

(Clicking on this link will open a .pdf file in a new window).
Working With Children Form (.pdf, 1015Kb)

Download the .PDF file and print the document, fill it in, sign it at the bottom
and then either email it or post it to the club:
 ( or PO Box 5005 Broulee 2537).

Adults who intend on taking the roles of Age Manager, Coach, Official or Water Safety
will need to complete a more comprehensive NSW Working With Children check at the following link:

There is no fee for this check if you select Volunteer, and you are required to take your identification
along to the Roads and Maritime Services (RMS) as part of this check.

Once you have your Working With Children Number issued by the RMS, please email it
and the expiry date to the Club email: for registration purposes.


Please make sure you have completed Steps 1 & 2 before you make your payment.

Process your online payments using the form(s) below.


Your Name Please input your name.
Membership Renewal None  
  Active SRC, Bronze or Nipper Membership $65
  New Bronze Candidate (includes membership and manuals) $105
  Associate Member $30
  Non - Patrolling Member $155
  Family Membership (Family of Four) - Family covers children only up to age 18 $200
  Family Membership + One Additional Member $225
  Family Membership + Two Additional Members $250
  Family Membership + Three Additional Members $275
  Family Membership + Four Additional Members $300
Your Contact Details
(Phone or Email)
Please input your phone or email.
Email for Receipt
Invalid email address.
You will be re-directed to SLSA payment gateway when you click on the submit form button.