Age Award Name
  Dave Pheeney Memorial Trophy for the overall joint point score for the FSC Branch Championships. Broulee SSLSC
  BSSLSC Best & Fairest Award, Sponsored by South Brou Café. Annabelle Smith
Under 14's Male Age Champion Kellen Lenehan
  Male Runner Up Wade McDonald
  Female Age Champion Annabelle Smith
  Female Runner Up n/a
  Encouragement Award (Male) Matthew Tuckwell
  Encouragement Award (Female) n/a
Under 13's Male Age Champion Christian Filmer
  Male Runner Up Sam O’Keeffe
  Female Age Champion Roxy Horne
Sierra Chew
  Female Runner Up n/a
  Encouragement Award (Male) Joshua Stuchbery
  Encouragement Award (Female) Stephanie Lunn
Under 12's Male Age Champion Callum Elliott
  Male Runner Up Rhys Flood
  Female Age Champion Kirra Dale
  Female Runner Up Anna Hosking
  Encouragement Award (Male) Harry Smith
  Encouragement Award (Female) Alexis Saaghy
Under 11's Male Age Champion Indhi Filmerd
  Male Runner Up Luka Brogan
  Female Age Champion Abbey Dunn
  Female Runner Up Keira Lenehan
  Encouragement Award (Male) Kobe Jenkins
  Encouragement Award (Female) Nina Thorne
Under 10's Male Age Champion Nathan Price
  Male Runner Up Travis Fairweather
  Female Age Champion Chloe Dunn
  Female Runner Up Tarren Elliott
  Encouragement Award (Male) Cooper Lasscock
  Encouragement Award (Female) Bethany Enright
Under 9's Male Age Champion Harry Barrington
  Male Runner Up Riley Beby
  Female Age Champion Makynli Dale
  Female Runner Up Jessica Flood
  Encouragement Award (Male) Hugh Wignell
  Encouragement Award (Female) Erin Domeny
Under 8's Male Age Champion Will Tyler
  Male Runner Up Felix Warren
  Female Age Champion Maya Bradshaw
  Female Runner Up Mia Lasscock
  Encouragement Award (Male) Austin Enright
  Encouragement Award (Female) Stella Andrews