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The first step in the GET JACK BACK FOR OUR 40th plan begins this Sunday.
All swimmers, board and ski paddlers (and any others who just want to have a go and help out)
are requested to be on the beach in Malua Bay no later than 9:45am this Sunday.
The swim is the first event.
Our club trainers Mick, Pete and Al have finished with the requals for the year
and are coming out of a premature retirement to swim for the club.
Kerry can't wait to get in the action.
Other regular swimmers Simon and Jamie will also make an appearance.
Craig & Scott don't want to miss out, and Floody and Fuzz will keep everyone honest.
Nicole is hoping to have her first outing for her new club, in both the swim and board.
Gab, Darren, and Simone & Scott have been training up a storm and are ready to blitz the field.
I interviewed Simone this morning and she said she was keen to enter the swim, ski and board events.
Daniel Harding, a silver medallist at the recent World Championships, didn't deny
he was coming down from Canberra - hopefully with a few mates.
Now, all we need is all you rowers to get on down to Malua and have a go at other events.
All please remember - be seen in PINK (bring a hi vis singlet) and your blue club cap.
I'm sure we can share a few around various competitors if you don't have one or the moths have eaten your old one.
No excuses please!

I know there are many others who are just busting to come to this carnival,
and if I've forgotten to mention you I'm sorry.
We want you there to help Broulee kick butt!
Go Broulee!!!

Notice December 11, 2018: Nippers Last Day for the Year

Nippers last session for the year will be this Saturday 15th December 3-5pm.
There will be a BBQ following and maybe a special visitor from the North Pole!
Looking forward to seeing you all there.

Notice December 11, 2018: Boutique News

New shirts now for sale in the boutique.
40th Anniversary - $35
Collard Pollo - $25
See Boutique Pages:
Boutique - New Designs
Boutique - Price List

Notice December 11, 2018: Swimming News

The Broulee Brass Monkeys Meet South Broulee Every Sunday 9:00am (Meet on the beach in front of the clubhouse).
About 30 swimmers turned up for the Sunday swim while a few of our regulars
were still involved in the re qual instruction.
Quite a few new faces – welcome.
It was good to have our regular ski escort and also stand up paddle board
as the duck was busy for the start of our swim.
Once again several swimmers chose to do the return swim with the duck accompanying them.
Only a few brave swimmers chose not to wear wetsuits which turned out to be a good choice with water temp about 19’.
Unfortunately Bev forgot her thermometer so this is an educated guess.
I didn’t hear of any interesting sightings but once again a good swim.

A number of our regulars will be away at the carnival next Sunday, so can a rep
please approach the Patrol Captain to see if they can arrange a crew to take the IRB out.
I have worded up the Patrol Captain, so shouldn't be a problem.

Be seen in PINK.
Pink singlets are available from the Club Boutique.
Any High Vis Singlet Acceptable.

Notice December 11, 2018: Reminders

  • Reminder PARKING IN THE SURF CLUB COMPOUND - show extreme care!
    Drive no faster than walking pace & pedestrians have right of way at all times.
  • South Brou Cafe
    Keep an eye on our Facebook and Instagram pages for Friday night Specials
    and also our extended Summer hours.
    South Brou Café Opening hours
    Daily 8:30-2:30
    Friday Night 5:30-7:30 (Club Bar Open Upstairs From 6pm)
  • A Big Year For Broulee - Lock In The Dates
    * 10th March 2019 - Broulee Surfers SLSC and the Broulee & Mossy point Community Association
    will be hosting the 8th Annual Hotondo Homes Bay to Breakers Swim.
    * 18th May 2019 - Winter wonderland 40th Anniversary Ball.
    * 23rd March 2019 - FSC Branch Championships carnival weekend social function – details to be advised * 15th June 2019 - The FSC Branch Presentation hosted by Broulee – details to be advised.
    A sign on the Club house verandah is very visible and a great way to advertise your business
    to our members and the public.
    For $100.00 a year, we can attach your signage for you, and you care supporting the Club as well.
    Anyone interested, please email
    to register your business, and for details of sign dimensions.
    Existing sponsors will be receiving this year's renewal invoices soon.
  • Hotondo Broulee Bay to Breakers Ocean Swim Registrations are now Open for the 10 March 2019 Swim.
    You can now register for the 2019 Hotondo Broulee Ocean Swim using the swim website:
  • Club Bar Open Friday Nights From 6:00pm.
  • Sunday Swimmers.
    Sunday Swimmers - The Broulee Brass Monkeys meet near the toilet block at North Broulee at 9:30am every Sunday.

Notice December 11, 2018: Community News

Notice December 5, 2018: Caution - Brown Snakes Active

All patrollers please be careful walking around the surfclub, particularly near
the gear shed as a couple of brown snakes have paid us a visit recently.

Notice December 5, 2018: A Big Year For Broulee - Lock In The Dates

* 10th March 2019 - Broulee Surfers SLSC and the Broulee & Mossy Point Community Association
will be hosting the 8th Annual Hotondo Homes Bay to Breakers Swim.
* 18th May 2019 - Winter wonderland 40th Anniversary Ball.
* 23rd March 2019 - FSC Branch Championships carnival weekend social function – details to be advised
* 15th June 2019 - The FSC Branch Presentation hosted by Broulee – details to be advised.

Notice December 5, 2018: Safeguarding children and young people – the role of the Code of Conduct

Did you know that each year when you sign your membership form
you are agreeing to follow the SLSA Codes of Conduct?
Codes of Conduct Page.
Commitment Policy Page.

Notice December 5, 2018: Broulee Twice World Champions Masters Surfboats

- Pics Attached
The World Life Saving Championships were hosted at Glenelg Beach and Pool in November 2018.
Broulee sent three surfboat crews across to South Australia and came home with Two Gold medals and two fifth places.

Congratulations to the Broulee 180+ men’s crew who won all their divisional races
and crossed the line in a very tight final ahead of Mordialloc and Bondi crews.
The Men also competed in the Reserve Division in the Open sections and made the final and Came fifth.

Congratulations to the Broulee women’s 120+ who won Gold in their final ahead of the Yeppoon crew.
This crew is coached by Jaymi Matthews, our first female surfboat coach.

Well done to the Broulee women’s 160+ crew who had some tough races and came fifth in the final in tough conditions.

Well done to the Broulee 120+ crew who also rowed in the Reserve Women’s division
and made the Semi finals and just missed the final race of 6 boats.

The first day of the championships was deferred due to 70km/hr winds and 2m choppy surf.
The first day of racing for the masters and open heats saw 45 km/hr winds and a 1m choppy surf that was about 3 m apart.
The final day of racing for the Opens was much more like Lake Burley Griffin and suited the Canberra based crews better.

The Anklam Surf Boat crew from Germany which is coached by Gary Pettigrove also performed well
and made the semi-final of their masters division and the third round in the Open division.
The German crew enjoyed meeting the Broulee Committee at its November meeting.

They all rowed in Spike (Spellacy) the Broulee Surfboat

Notice December 5, 2018: Daniel Harding Wins Silver & Bronze At The World Life Saving Championships at Glenelg Beach

Congratulations to Daniel Harding (Canberra based Broulee member)
who competed at the recent world championships in the pool.
Daniel won the following medals:
* Silver - 100m carry with fins (55-59 mens)
* Silver - Line throw (50-54 mens)
* Silver - 4 x 50m medlay relay (200+ mens)
* Bronze - 100m tow with fins (55-59 mens)

Hopefully we will see Daniel and other Canberra based competitors come down to Malua Bay
on Sunday week (16th Dec - swim starts at 10am) for the first Far South Coast Carnival of the season,
and help Broulee win back the Jack Beale - GET JACK BACK FOR OUR 40th

Notice November 28, 2018: The Passing of Shane Madden

Hello to all,
It is with great sadness that I have to inform you all that Shane Madden passed away last Friday.

Shane had been a member of our club committee for many years coordinating training activities.
He also was a member of a number of "boards of enquiry" helping the club investigate
a number of disciplinary issues and an official complaint made against on of our members.
I also relied upon him when dealing with council regarding license and lease negotiations.
He was a very wise voice in committee discussions and always a complete gentleman.

I am sure we will all miss him and I, for one, consider myself privileged to have known him.
Allan Veness
President Broulee Surfers SLSC

The funeral of the late Shane Godfrey Madden will be held on Saturday 1st December 2018 at 12 noon,
Sacred Heart Catholic Church, Moruya, 36 Queen Street, Moruya NSW.


As a Club, Broulee already has a strong commitment to safeguarding all children.
Please see the Club Policy.
If you have any concerns or issues you wish to discuss, our Safeguarding Children Contact
is Wendy Law (0438 740 779) and our Member Protection Officer is John Edmunds (0427 225 121).

Notice November 28, 2018: Companion Animal Management Plan 2018E

Eurobodalla Council recently adopted the revised Companion Animal Management Plan 2018,
which sets out dog exercise areas across the Eurobodalla.
This is of particular interest to you in relation to dogs on beaches.
Dogs are prohibited on Broulee Beach (south) around the rocky platform and inclusive of Shark Bay and Broulee Island.

As a valued club and contributor to community service it is important that your patrols,
volunteers and the community adhere to the dog permissibility at your beach.

We also are aiming to increase Ranger presence over summer and rely heavily on responsible dog owners.
So we hope that you can help by ensuring your members understand and abide by the dogs on beaches requirements.

Where you have dog owners flouting the rules or problems with dogs on beaches please contact Council Rangers on 4474 1019.
Yours sincerely
John Gomez
Senior Ranger
t 02 4474 1019 | f 02 4474 1234

Notice November 28, 2018: Broulee Win Gold at World Championships

Broulee won 2 masters gold medals at the recent world champions.
Men’s 180+ and women’s 120+ gold medalist.
5th in 160+ women in the final.
Go Broulee.
More info to follow.


There's a newsletter that SLSBSW are putting out each week just for surf sports items.
Welcome to the Surf Sports Weekly!
You can now subscribe online from our website! Archived editions are also available to be downloaded.
Subscribe Online

Notice November 28, 2018: WADA - 2019 Prohibited List

The World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) has published the 2019 Prohibited List,
which will come into effect on 1st January 2019.
The Prohibited List is available on WADA’s website along with a summary
of major modifications and Monitoring Program.
Athletes are reminded it is their responsibility to check the status of any medication or substance prior to use.

Notice November 22, 2018: Lock In The Date - 10th March 2019

Next year the Broulee Surfers SLSC and the Broulee & Mossy point Community Association
will be hosting the 8th Annual Hotondo Homes Bay to Breakers Swim.
Last year there were in excess of 300 entries, and the organising committee are expecting even greater numbers next year.
New initiatives for the event include:
* A new teams category (swum in conjunction with the individual race) in support
of the 'Make a Wish Foundation' ( - More Info To Follow;
* Improved timing system;
* New additional age category sponsors; and
* Increased use of environmentally friendly plastic cup recycling (start collecting cups now - more info to follow) This will be another huge day for our Broulee community and we need your help to make it a success.
So please, lock in the date Sunday 10th March.
Put it in the calendar.
The time and commitment won't be huge, but we need the volunteers too run another successful event.

Notice November 22, 2018: Swim Wear Products Offer

Hi Broulee Surf Life Saving Club.
I would like to invite your members to receive a 10% discount off all merchandise on:

Discount is also available instore at Inertiaswim which is located inside Shellharbour Swim Academy, 48 Sunset Ave Barrack Heights.

This offer is valid all year round and off all products.
Inertia Swim is a family run business and supports clubs within the local region.
With the launch of our website we are now able to extend our support to your club.

Your club’s exclusive code (BSLSA818) needs to be entered at checkout to activate the discount.
Kind regards
Maxine Charlston
Owner | 0431 851197

Notice November 22, 2018: Caroline Smith At Freshwater

Check out the pic of Caroline attached.
Caroline competed at the Freshwater carnival for Broulee weekend before last.
Thanks for waving our flag Caroline.

Notice November 14, 2018: Safeguarding Children Program

As a Club, Broulee already has a strong commitment to safeguarding all children.
SLSNSW have recently introduced a Safeguarding Children and Found People Awareness Course on their members area training portals.
To further cement our commitment to the Safeguarding Program, SLSNSW and our Club are urging all members to complete the course.
The course is more about watching out for our kids than checking on ourselves.
If you have any concerns or issues you wish to discuss, our Safeguarding Children Contact
is Wendy Law (0438740779) and our Member Protection Officer is John Edmunds (0427225121).

Notice November 14, 2018: FSC Branch Courses

FSC Branch have the following courses coming up;
* 24/11/2018: IRB Driver @ Moruya SLS.
Assessment dates to be advised when course commences
* 8th + 9th December 2018 - Silver Medallion Aquatic Rescue @ Bermagui SLSC
(please note that this course is a full weekend, including night SAR exercises)

IRB Driver Syllabus: IRB Driver Syllabus (.pdf, 242Kb)
Aquatic Rescue Syllabus: Aquatic Rescue Syllabus (.pdf, 193Kb)
Training Enrolment Form: Training Enrolment Form (.pdf, 107Kb)

To enrol, please complete the Training Enrolment Form and return
to Sue Hunt, FSC Director of Administration & Education via email: ASAP.

Notice November 14, 2018: BSSLSC Patrollers

Please ensure you have your ATV Induction completed before using the vehicles this season.
Particularly the new ATV.
Let your patrol captain know to send me your name so that it can be updated onto your awards.
Also, make sure your drivers licence number and expiry date are up to date
on your members area (where you renew online) so it will accept.

Notice November 14, 2018: New Nipper Shirts

See Photo of the Broulee Nippers.
Thank you to Bay & Coast Metal Roofing and Lysaghts for supplying our Nippers
with new Nipper shirts, they look great!
Thanks to Darren from Bay & Coast Metal Roofing for organising them.

Notice November 14, 2018: Surf Sports Officer

Great news, Darren Drewsen has taken on the role of Surf Sports Officer.
Thanks Darren.
Please make him feel welcome if you see him around the place.

Notice November 14, 2018: NSW Country Championships

The Country Championships are being held at Cudgen Headland, Kingscliff on the 2nd and 3rd February 2019.
If you would like to be entered please email Scott Elliot by the 25th November.


Broulee surf club won the national SLS award for Community Education program of the year – Canberra/Broulee Nippers.
Images: Trophy being presented in Sydney and the first day of nippers at Broulee last weekend.
Congratulations to everyone involved in running this successful program – it has been a great team effort.
Thanks also to the Broulee education team that have trained and assessed so many Canberra people
to enable to the program to run safely every week and the Broulee nippers team who helped to mentor the Canberra Age Managers.

Notice November 7, 2018: Boutique

Price list for this year’s boutique.
The boutique will be open Sunday mornings from 9:30am

Notice October 29, 2018: South Coast Surf Boat Series (Round 1 Bulli Beach)

Three Broulee crews from Canberra made the three hour trip to Bulli Beach
for the first round of the South Coast surfboat Series.

The Broulee Vets men won all the three round robin races and the final to be unbeaten for the day.
Winning money for the club account.

The Broulee Vets Women had a tussle with the Tathra ladies crew to finish second
in the final after leading by three lengths at the buoy turn.
Unfortunately the stroke oar caught under the turning buoy and was stuck
for about 10 seconds as the stroke fought to release it.

The Broulee Open Women raced well to finish third in the final.

It was great racing in the 4ft surf and some spills and thrills for the crowd.

Congratulations to the Broulee surf boat crews who now head
to the World Life Saving Championships in Adelaide in late November 2018.

Notice October 3, 2018: Far South Coast Lifesaving Monthly Update

A new publication from Far South Coast Lifesaving is attached for all to read.
See Update: FSC Update 09/2018 (.pdf, 183Kb).
Of particular interest this month is:
* ALBERT - Australian Life Boat Emergency Rescue Training
aimed at improving the skills of IRB drivers and crew.
There are still a couple of spots available on the program - email Sue Hunt
SLSNSW will be seeking expressions of interest to establish strategic flood response trained teams.
If interested read more in the FSC Monthly update attached.
* Leadership Forum.
Expressions of interest is sought from students in Grades 9 to 11 who
are interested in getting more involved in the emergency services.
See the FSC Monthly update for more information.

Notice October 3, 2018: Under 14s and Cadet Program

My name is Andrew Mizzi and I will be running the Under 14s and Cadet Program
this season, assisted by Helen (Sierra Chew's mum).
For those who don't already have their Surf Rescue Certificate (SRC),
there will be an information night at the Club on Wednesday, 4th October at 6:00pm.
The SRC course will run on the weekend of 20th-21st October and also 27th October.

If you are interested in joining us for Under 14s or Cadets, please drop us a line at so that we have an idea of numbers.
The first day will be on Sunday, 28th October - please arrive for the 9:45am Nippers briefing,
then we will meet at South Brou Cafe (for hot chips and milkshakes)
to have a chat about our activities and to work out a timetable together.
Please come armed with any ideas you may have about what you would like to get
out of S.L.S - training, competition, patrol based activities etc.
We look forward to seeing you all there.

Andrew: 0402 306 024
Helen: 0432 866 718

Notice September 27, 2018: Gus McDonald & Wendy Law - Awarded Life Membership

Congratulations to both Gus McDonald and Wendy Law who were awarded
Life Membership of the BSSLSC at the AGM on the 15th September.
Both Life Memberships are greatly deserved and reflect the tremendous contribution
both have made to the club over many years.
Gus has not only been a huge supporter of the Broulee Surfers SLSC
but was an influencing factor during inception of the current club.
Gus’ involvement dates prior to his membership with the club, and includes going to Sydney
in September 1981 to meet with the NSW Lands Department Minister Lindsay Gordon
to have Eurobodalla Shire Council designate the current Broulee Toilet Block
and associated land at South Broulee to Broulee Surfers SLSC.

Gus has been a member of Broulee Surfers SLSC for the years of 1984 to 1991 and 2012/13 to current time.
In recent years, and during the years when he was not a financial member of the club,
Gus has been a significant contributor to the Broulee boat rowing community,
donating huge amounts of his time to coach crews, and to build and repair boats.

Wendy's association with our Club goes back to 2003 when her daughter joined Nippers.
Wendy, with husband Dave, was the Nippers coordinator for a number of years
and is still very actively involved helping out whenever needed.
In 2011, Wendy took on the job of Club Secretary in 2011
and has worked prodigious hours in seeing that the club runs as well as it can.
In 2012 Wendy did much of the coordination of workers and materials
for the Toohey’s Club Renovations when our deck had been condemned.
In recognition of these contributions to the life of Broulee Surf Club,
the Far South Coast Branch of Surf Life Saving NSW awarded Wendy
the Branch Administrator of the year awards in 2015, 2016 and 2017.
The Branch also appointed her as Branch Official of the year
in 2017 and Branch Volunteer of the year in 2017.
The club awarded her Club person of the year in 2017.

The full supporting words for both nominations can be viewed here.

My apologies to all for not including this Notice in last weeks list.

Notice September 20, 2018: Patrol List & Patrol Roster

Please find here the Patrol List's and Roster for the 2018/19 season.
Patrol List.
Patrol Roster.
Please ensure your name is on a patrol list if you wish to patrol this season.
If I have forgotten you (if so I apologize) or you no longer wish to patrol
could you please email or text me ASAP as all the information needs to be added
into the system by the start of the season.
Thank you all,
Kirsty Campbell
0407 712 337


The season is fast approaching, please find here this seasons calendar
for Nippers including the dates for the SENIOR and NIPPER carnivals.
Broulee is hosting the FSC BRANCH SENIOR AND NIPPER CARNIVAL held over 2 days in April.
It would be great to see a good turn out of our members competing.


The Beach to Bush Program, proudly sponsored by Clubs NSW and the Cancer Institute,
has been run in rural primary schools in NSW for an incredible 25 years.
The week-long program, running from 19th - 23rd November in 2018, was born out of research
in 1994 that showed 50% of people rescued from the surf live more than 50km from the beach.
Last year Annabelle Smith enjoyed representing our club in the Canberra area
and greatly enjoyed the experience.
For more information see attached flyer:
Beach to Bush Flyer (.pdf, 85Kb)

Notice September 20, 2018: Footy Tipping Winner

Congratulations to Penny McManus, winner of the BSSLSC NRL Tipping Competition.
See Pic of Penny and Kevin.

Notice September 12, 2018: Sprint and Beach Flags Clinic

Circular Attached:
Circular 3566 (.pdf, 243Kb)
Surf Life Saving NSW is calling for nominations from athletes wishing to further their development
in sprints and flags beach disciplines by attending a Beach Development Clinic.
This clinic will provide athletes with first class coaching, including coaching from NSW State Coach Daniel Robberds.
The clinic will start with a pre-screening and goal setting session,
followed by practical drills and technique on the beach, theory sessions and sessions on recovery.

Notice September 12, 2018: FSC WINTER SKI SERIES

Results Attached:
Winter Ski Results (.pdf, 111Kb)
Well done to all paddlers who paddled on Saturday in the last round of the series.
Congratulations to the winners of the handicap trophy Chris Smithers and Oscar Reedy
and to Nancy Costin and Pete Halkett who took out 1st female and 1st male.
A big thank you to our awesome BBQ cookers who helped on the day.
Thanks for a great series, enjoy your Summer paddling and see you all next Winter!

Notice September 5, 2018: Leadership Excellence Program 18-30yrs

The attached circular outlines the details and process of application for SLSNSW members
to apply as Participants in the 2018 UQ SLSQ Leadership Excellence Program.
SLSNSW has partnered with SLSQ to offer members aged between 18-30 years
the opportunity to travel to QLD to partake in this key leadership program.
We encourage interested members to apply for this amazing opportunity.
Circular 3562 (.pdf, 171Kb)

Notice August 29, 2018: NIPPERS RETURNS!

Nippers returns for the 2018 / 2019 season kicking off with the proficiency swim
on Saturday 13th October, 10:00am at the Moruya Swimming Pool.
This is compulsory for all Nippers.
You will be be able to rego and pick up any gear you may need on this day.

You can also rego online at:

The first day of Nippers will be on Sunday 28th October at 10am, Broulee Surf Club.
Nippers ranges from U8 to U14's.
Please see the attached age group calculator if you are unsure as to what age group your child is in.
Nippers Age Calculator (.pdf, 33Kb)

Please see the attached flyer for all details.
Nippers Flyer (.pdf, 143Kb)
A big thank you to Kylie Warren from 'Rabbit Warren' Creative Services who designed this years flyer.
Looking forward to a great season ahead.
If you have any queries please email the Surf Club at

See you there!

Notice August 29, 2018: NSW SLS Awards of Excellence 2018

Broulee Surfers SLSC was awarded the NSW SLS Awards of Excellence for Community Education, for Broulee Canberra nippers.
Well done to all involved!

Thanks to the nippers team at Broulee for showing the Canberra age managers the ropes
and helping to educate so many of our Canberra parents and kids about nippers and SLS.
Thanks to the trainers and assessors that educated our Cbr members to assist
with water safety and the Canberra boat crews for helping with water safety at Civic pool and training.
Thanks to Wendy and Bethany for getting the program up and running, and to the Canberra/Broulee sub-committee,
water safety and age managers, for their efforts in running this award-winning program.
Looking forward to a great 2018-19 season of nippers!

Notice August 29, 2018: Far South Coast Awarded NSW Branch of the Year for the 2017/18

A special message to all of our Far South Coast Lifesavers, Clubbies, Nippers, friends, family and Sponsors;
I am so proud to inform you that you have been recognised at the highest level for your outstanding efforts
and support in keeping our beaches safe and building better communities through surf clubs.
At the SLS NSW Awards of Excellence on Saturday night we were awarded SLS NSW Branch of the Year for the 2017/18 season.

We were shortlisted from the 11 branches in the State and selected as one of 3 finalists
with Central Coast Branch and Sydney Branch.
Within our small towns and communities here in the Far South Coast, our surf clubs
are the social glue that keep our community together and our beaches safe.

On the same night we were presented with another 4 major awards;
SLS NSW Administrator of the Year - Cheryl McCarthy, Bermagui SLSC
SLS NSW Rescue of the Year - Moruya, Broulee and Batemans Bay Support Operations
SLS NSW Community Education Program - Broulee/ Canberra Nippers
SLS NSW Services Team of the Year - Tathra, Pambula & Bermagui Bushfire Response

Thank you so much for contributing your valuable time to surf life saving,
building great Australians and better communities.
Looking forward to your continued service into the next season and hope to catch you on the beach.
Tony Rettke
Very proud President
FSC Branch SLS

Notice August 29, 2018: Local Businesses Mentoring Future Generation of Workers

In my capacity as Careers Advisor at Batemans Bay High School, I attended the Far South Coast Excellence
in Vocational Education & Training Awards a couple of weeks back.
As you can see by the evidence below, Fatty scored himself some recognition on the night
(Certificate of Excellence in Workplace Training).
Ian has taken on many of our construction students and given them valuable work experience (he loves it!).

We would love to see more of our local businesses mentoring the future generation of workers.
An experience can be a one off day, a week block, one day per week or a combination.
It is always flexible around the employer.
The student is covered by the Department’s insurance for the placement and communication
with the school, student and parent is always open.
If any other BSSLSC members & business operators would like to challenge Fatty
and take on a student, they can contact me, or my colleague Hendre Roelink, at Batemans Bay High School
(02) 4478 3643 or
Chantal Bradshaw
Careers Advisor
Batemans Bay High School

Notice August 7, 2018: German Surf Boat Championships

The German Surf boat Championships was conducted at Heringsdorf beach on the Baltic Sea in July.
Heringsdorf is an amazing place with 30 km of sand, bike paths, walking paths,
restaurants, free entertainment and people everywhere.
See photos.

Gary Pettigrove was the event referee and Jenny was the race official.
The conditions for the first two days saw a 0.5 m wave and 28c temperatures.
Unfortunately the sea was flat on finals day.

The results were:
Men: Anklam A, Perranporth UK, Anklam B, lubeck, Fochbeck
Women: Anklam

They also included three other race types.
Long row: Perranporth, Anklam A, Anklam B, Lubeck, Fockbeck
Short course: Perranporth, Anklam A, Anklam B, lubeck and Fockbeck
Relay: Anklam, Perranporth/SH

A great time was held by all and that German beer goes down easily after a hard day on the beach.
Anklam SLSC (DLRG) sends their wishes to the Broulee members.
They will be visiting Broulee in November on their way to the World lifesaving Championships in November.

We will try to arrange a Broulee and Anklam meet and greet at the Surf clubhouse if the stars align.


It’s hard to grasp the fact that 99 percent of New South Wales is actually in drought
when you live by the coast and your lawn is still green.
Some country kids haven’t even seen rain in their lifetimes.
Aid for farmers is not just about feeding livestock and pastures.
It’s about supporting families whose livelihoods were built in the country
over generations and are being taken away by the unstoppable forces of nature.
Surf Life Saving NSW (SLSNSW) was inspired when Woolgoolga SLSC set a challenge
to the 129 surf life saving clubs and their membership over the weekend.
Donate one bale of hay for our country mates in need so we can send a semi-trailer load
of feed and help relieve some financial pressure on those who are struggling.


Notice July 24, 2018: Drew Parbery

With much sadness that I notify you of the passing of Drew Parbery,
eldest son of Kerry Parbery - FSC Branch SLS Life Member.
Kerry was for many years our Director of Administration and has played
an integral part in making our Branch, and the George Bass, so successful.
Our thoughts and prayers go to Kerry and her family at this heartbreaking time.

Notice July 17, 2018: Simon Fearn Is Visiting Canada & USA and Shared His Experience of Lifeguards In Canada

Simon is currently touring Canada and the US, but took the attached picture of the local life guard on Third Beach, Stanley Park, Vancouver.
Interesting rescue boat and I love the Pith Hat!
All a bit different to our beaches in Australia.

Notice July 10, 2018: Casserole Night A Lovely Night

A wonderful night was had by all who attended the Casserole night at the surf club last Saturday.
The food was varied and delicious, clearly we have many cooks looking for a place on MasterChef.
This was a great opportunity on a cold winters night to meet up with friends to enjoy good company and good food.
Thank you to Meg, Cherice, Penny and other ladies from our Social Committee for organising such and enjoyable evening.
Thanks also to Kev for running the Bar.

Notice July 10, 2018: Far South Coast Surf Lifesavers Recognised with the National Rescue of the Month Award

The determined effort of a group of Far South Coast surf lifesavers to go to the aid of a capsized vessel
at Moruya has been recognised with the National Rescue of the Month Award for March 2018.
The award was presented to the Far South Coast Support Operations crew
(consisting of members from Broulee Surfers and Batemans Bay SLSCs),
an important lifesaving asset in the region, and to Moruya SLSC which provided support and lifesaving assets.
Read the full story at:

Notice June 27, 2018: Broulee Patrol Winter Solstice Nude Swim in Canberra

The temperature was minus 3C and 6 brave Broulee Patrol members provided water safety for the 66 nude Swimmers.
We used surveillance eyes to monitor their brief swim in Lake Burley Griffin.
All swimmers safely left the water and no incidents to report.
Thanks to Tim Dawson, Jaymi and Brendan Matthews, David Hodgen, Steve Corcoran and Gary Pettigrove
for their 7am efforts and raising donation funds for the Club.
See attached Photo of the Broulee Lifesavers in place in the water before the solstice bathers took the plunge.
News Story:

Notice June 20, 2018: Camp Leader Sought For Australian Kookaburra Kids Foundation

** Volunteers Must be over 18 **.
I am writing to you on behalf of the Australian Kookaburra Kids Foundation,
supporting kids from 8-18 years of age, living in families affected by mental illness.
The Kookaburra Kids program provides recreational, educational camps and other activities,
giving kids a break, in a fun, positive and safe environment.
Kids have the opportunity to meet other kids in similar situations and develop new friendships.
Australian Kookaburra Kids Foundation is a not for profit organisation and registered charity.
The program relies on dedicated volunteers to provide assistance
with a range of supports such as camp leaders and activity day volunteers.
We are seeking enthusiastic volunteer camp leaders to attend Kookaburra Kids weekend camps in NSW.
We have a great demand for volunteers, due to the high numbers of kids under 18 attending our camps.
We believe that partnering with Surf Life Saving NSW would be a great benefit for both of our organisations.
Kookaburra Kids not only would be able to utilise the skills of your Surf Lifesavers as volunteers,
but your fellow Surf Lifesavers would be able to support kids to be kids in an environment that they feel safe and secure.
The team at Kookaburra Kids was hoping there may be an avenue to use your communication platforms
to help spread the word about our volunteering opportunities.
See flyer with further information: Australian Kookaburra Kids Foundation (.pdf, 296Kb).
With thanks,
Amy Wilson
NSW Volunteer Coordinator
Phone (02) 9525 7474
Address PO Box 681 Gymea NSW 2227
** My office days are Monday, Tuesday and Friday **

Notice May 28, 2018: A Request For Assistance From Samantha Law for a Worthwhile Project

Hey all,
As some of you know I am travelling to Rwanda to design, procure and build a classroom
for a primary/preschool in a small village in Ruhinga.
Along with a small team of undergraduate engineering students from UOW, I will be travelling over at the end of June
to construct the large multi functional classroom that we are designing at the moment.

As well as designing and building the project we also have to raise all the funds
for the material costs and local labour while we are in country.
We have conducted several fundraisers in the Illawarra and surrounds but with the huge project scope it is just not enough.
We have started a donation page and anything small or large would make the world of difference for the small school.

So please, If you have a spare minute take a look and support a good cause.

Chuffed page:

Video link:

Thank you!
Samantha Law
WIN News Illawarra

Engineering students at the University of Wollongong will be putting their skills to use to help a community in Central Africa.
The students will travel to Rwanda, where they'll build a classroom...

Notice May 3, 2018: Club Presentation 2018

Another wonderful Presentation and Patrollers Drinks night was held at the Surf Club last Saturday night;
a night enjoyed by close to 80 club members.
The food was yummy, the wine and beer flowed and good cheer was enjoyed by all.
Special thanks to Wendy and Al for their organisation of the night;
Lynda, Kirsty & Caroline for their delicious salads;
'Rumpole' for his skill on the BBQ;
and Pete & Jeff for their efficient service at the bar.
The best thing about last Saturday was getting together with all our friends!

Congratulations to all the major award winners:

  • Handicap Summer Swim Series Winner - Roy Booker
  • Long service and Special awards:
    • Matt Goddard – SLSA Certificate of Merit for Rescue of the month
    • Gary Pettigrove - 40 year Officiating Service Award
    • Tony Dale – 40 year Officiating Service Award
  • Patrol awards:
    • Patrol 1 – Jeff Lucas
    • Patrol 2 – Michael Griffiths
    • Patrol 3 – Caroline McDonald
    • Patrol 4 - Cherise Walker
    • Patrol 5 - Justin Zutt
    • Patrol 6 – Morgan Freemantle
    • Patrol 7 – Kerry Evans (2nd year in a row)
    • Patrol 8 – Sean Brogan
  • ANZAC “Eternal Spirit” Surfboat Award:
    • Vets crew - Jeff Dunne, Morgan Freemantle, Pete Shaw and Stephen Moore
  • Male Patroller of the Year – Bruce Grant
  • Female Patroller of the Year – Cherise Walker
  • Junior Achiever of the Year:
    • Male – Scott Senior
    • Female – Annabelle Smith
  • Patrol of the Year – Patrol 5
  • Club Person of the Year – Simone Elliott

Notice May 3, 2018: Australian National Masters Surfboat Rankings

In the Over 160 Men, Broulee has been ranked number 3 in Australia behind City of Perth and Wanda.
Congratulations to the crew of Morgan Freemantle, Jeff Dunne, Steve Moore and Pete Shaw.
This Crew also was awarded the Gus MacDonald Enteral Spirit Trophy at the Broulee Presentation last week.

Notice April 24, 2018: Broulee Men’s Vets Surfboat Crews Win Bronze

At Australian Masters Championships on Scarborough Beach WA
- See Attached Pic
The Broulee Men’s Vets Surfboat crews won a Bronze medal at the Australian Masters Championships on Scarborough Beach WA.
The crew of Jeff Dunne. Morgan Freemantle, Steve Moore and Pete Shaw, swept by Gary Pettigrove
won the Bronze medal in the Over 160 years division.
Their combined age is 179 years and next year qualify for the over 180 division.

Broulee were in the top three ranked crews after the after the three round robin races,
finished second in the semi final and were leading the final at the gate cans
but Wanda and City of Perth had the better of the choppy waves to beat us to the line
to take the other medals by less than half a length.
Congratulations to the crew for an excellent Aussies result for Broulee.

The excellent season saw this Vets crew achieve:
* Third place Aussie Masters Championships
* First place South Coast Boat Series
* First place Branch Championships Vets
* Third place Rooster River Surf boat marathon
* Second place Pambula Club to Pub surf boat marathon
* Fourth place ASRL Open
* Sixth place George Bass surfboat marathon
* Best of the Best Interbranch FSC representatives

Notice April 5, 2018: South Coast Surfboat Series Report

The final round of the series has been conducted and the outcome for Broulee was fantastic.
In the overall series the Club represented by 4 crews came third overall.
The first two places were North Cronulla and Bulli who were represented by 10 crews each and are the strongest Surf boat clubs in NSW.
North Cronulla has 20 crews in training and going to the Aussies.

First - North Cronulla - 925 points
Second - Bulli - 430 points
Third - Broulee - 347 points
Fourth - Wanda - 297 points
Fifth - Batemans Bay - 268 points

In the 10 racing divisions, Broulee were represented by Masters Men and Women, Open Women and Reserve Grade Men.

Masters Men crewed by Morgan Freemantle, Jeff Dunne, Steve Moore and Pete Shaw came first with 12 crews in the division.
Broulee had 126 points with Mollymook on 104 and Narooma on 86 in the next two places.

Masters women crewed by Belynda McNaughton, Susan McKeag, Robyn Trenton and Vikki Fischer came first with 4 crews in the division.
Broulee had 120 points with North Cronulla on 105 and Mollymook on 58 points in the next two places.

Open Women crewed by Annie McAppion, Jackie Jones, Jaymi Matthews and Claire Forbes came fourth in their division on 83 points.
First was Wollongong City on 110 points, next North Cronulla on 96 and Bulli third on 95 points.

The Reserve men rowed three of the 4 rounds were crewed by James Flick. Marty Vant, David Hodgen, and Brendan Matthews
came 7th on 62 points in a 13 crew division.
Batemans Bay came first on 123 points followed by Warilla on 105 and Cronulla on 89 points.

All crews were swept by Gary Pettigrove.
Congratulations to all Broulee crews at the South Coast series.
Gary (Boat Captain)

Notice March 15, 2018: Record Numbers For Hotondo Broulee Bay to Breakers Ocean Swim

A perfect South Coast day; beautiful sunshine, a pleasant 23 degree water temp, no wind,
a nice small wave, a large sand bar which made the wade longer, great company and friends, and a large gathering.
We had 330 swimmers - a record for the swim.

Special thanks to Darren Phillips and Hotondo Homes our major sponsor.
Please see Darren about your next home.

Congratulations to:
Callum Elliott (18 min 41 sec)
Katie Drydan (18 min 55 sec)
who swam the 1.4km to win the open divisions.
Very fast swims indeed.

I would like to thank the organising committee of the Broulee Surf Club and the Broulee Mossy Point Community Association,
and for the many club members who came down to give a hand with setting up,BBQ, Bar, for making this event happen.
Also a big thankyou to all the water safety people who did a fantastic job on and off the water.

Here are a few comments from some swimmers:
"Thanks for another brilliantly organised event with glorious weather – you really do run a top event."

"Huge thanks to all the volunteers who helped make it such a success."

"I just wanted to say a big thank you to you and all your team of helpers.
My friends and I all had such an enjoyable swim... a memorable time.
It was all so well organised and the volunteers all so helpful, efficient and cheerful."

"It was our second Broulee ocean swim and we are planning to make it a yearly tradition."

"Felt great for the rest of the day and good to see all the smiles!!"

"Thanks for the great swim, Gary!
I'm already looking forward to next year's."

Notice March 15, 2018: Hotondo Swim A Zero Waste Event

In a first for this event and and we believe anywhere, Anita Doherty from Bay Physiotherapy,
organised donated plastic cups from around the community to help make this event a zero waste event.
The cups will be washed and stored for next years swim and there were ZERO plastic cups taken to landfill.
I would like to thank everyone for donating cups,
helping at the drink station and for being enthusiastic about the "reduce and reuse" strategy.
A great initiative Anita, well done.
Bay Physiotherapy and Pilates:

Notice March 15, 2018: Layne Beachley Foundation Aim For The Stars Scholarship Program

The Layne Beachley Foundation Aim For The Stars Scholarship Program is now open for applications.
The program offers a $4,000 scholarship opportunity for Australian females aged 12 years or older
who have initiative, passion and are committed to achieving a dream in their field of choice.

The closing date for applications is 31st March 2018 and winners will be announced on 1st July 2018.
The applications and guidelines can be accessed here.
More information is also available via Memo:
Layne Beachley Foundation Aim For The Stars Scholarship Program.

Notice March 15, 2018: Membership has its Perks

Not only is Holden committed to flying the flag for Surf Life Saving Australia,
but they are also treating you as a surf lifesaving member some ‘swell’ Members Offer’s.

To celebrate the new three-year partnership with Surf Life Saving Australia, Holden want to welcome you to the Holden family!
Whether you need a Colorado to fit the surfboard, an Equinox to pack in all the little nippers
or an Astra to zip from the café to the beach, we have you covered.

As a member of Surf Life Saving Australia, you have access to exclusive discounts across the Holden range*.
You’ll even get the latest warranty, roadside or servicing offer at no additional cost, depending on your choice of Holden^.
Just present your member certificate to the dealer, before commencing your purchase.
It's that easy.

What do I need to do?
1. Print and fill out your member certificate on the members portal.
2. Head into your local dealer.
3. Choose your model.
4. Purchase your new Holden.

Notice March 7, 2018: Trivia Night A Huge Success

Last Saturday night the Social Club ran a terrific Trivia Night.
Lots of questions had people stumped, but it was amazing the cr#!* some people knew.
Thank you to our Social Committee for organising such a fabulous night, with lots of great prizes.
Thank you to our host, Pete Haselden, who organised some great party tricks;
our quiz master, Kevin McManus who posed some perplexing questions;
our Round Girls, Penny McManus & Vicki Haselden, who spiced up the night in their sexy gear;
and our wonderful Duty Managers Michelle Dubois and Cherise Walker who provided outstanding service at the bar.
A great night everyone, thank you!

Notice March 7, 2018: Reminders For All Patrollers - Patrol Captains Please Note

The following general reminders have been sent out by the FSC Branch.
We aren't guilty - but a useful reminder anyway.
* Wearing of Lifejackets in the IRB at all times is compulsory.
* Radio Channel 3 is for emergency use only (not ordering lunch).
* Patrollers need to have a current drivers license and be inducted to operate the ATV
(Patrol Captains can induct new drivers in the use of the ATV and then forward
the drivers name and car license number to the Club Secretary at
* For Nippers - the Water Safety ratio is 1:5.

Notice February 21, 2018: A Big Thank You To:

* Vicki Haselden has been the club's grants application writer for the past few years.
Through her efforts, we were successful in acquiring funding for the club's new shed, the club extensions
and numerous other smaller amounts such as the new fridge used in the bar.
The club thanks Vicki for her time, skill and effort in achieving these great outcomes for us.
Thank you also to Clare Forbe for agreeing to take over this very important role for the club.
* Bethany Williams was the instigator and driving force in forming the Canberra based Broulee Nippers group.
She has decided that it is time to step aside and let others take over the decision making for the group.
We thank her for her hard work and congratulate her on what she has achieved as without her this program would not have occurred.

Notice February 15, 2018: Congratulations Callum Elliott FSC Junior Lifesavers of the Year 2018

FSC Branch SLS is excited to announce our Junior Lifesavers of the Year 2018.
Congratulations to Ava Weymans from Moruya and Callum Elliott from Broulee Surfers, our winners this year.

Callum will do an exceptional job representing Broulee and our Branch at the selection
of the SLS NSW Junior Lifesaver of the Year in Sydney in April.
Well done Callum, well deserved.

Notice February 15, 2018: Blue Ringed Octopus

Picture of a blue ringed octopus taken at the rock pools at Broulee Beach recently.
All patrollers need to be aware that the blue ringed octopus is prevalent in our waters and what to do if someone gets bitten.
Signs and symptoms of blue-ringed octopus bite Blue ringed octopuses secrete a nerve toxin in their saliva.
Their bite is usually painless, but the person bitten will feel numb around the mouth, tongue, face and neck
and will feel tight in the chest and may have difficulty breathing.
Respiratory failure occurs eventually which leads to death if the person is not resuscitated.
Most of the time, the victim is aware, but unable to move or respond
* Follow DRSABCD
* Call SURFGUARD urgently (Rescue-Rescue-Rescue) for an ambulance - medical help is needed as fast as possible.
* Pressure immobilisation bandages should be applied, using a broad pressure bandage and splint on the affected limb.
* Stay with the person, reassure them and keep them still.
* Assisted or artificial respiration may be needed.
* Person will need transfer to hospital – prolonged artificial respiration is often required until the effects of the venom wear off.

Notice February 15, 2018: Local Supply SLS Sunglasses

Local Supply have teamed up with SLSA to produce a collaboration pair of sunglasses designed for patrol use by lifesavers.
Featuring the iconic red and yellow SLSA club cap on the outside arms and Surf Life Saving Australia on the inside arm.
For every pair of Patroller sunglasses ordered by a club member, Local Supply will donate $10 to your local club.
Special surf club offers:
· For every pair of Patroller sunglasses ordered by a club member, Local Supply will donate $10 to that members local club
· Members will also receive a special discount of $30 per pair.
Orders are placed directly via the Local Supply website
· To redeem the $30 discount, members enter the following discount code at checkout.
Code: SLSA30
· Members include their local club name in the order notes to allocate their $10 donation

Notice February 7, 2018: The Beyond My Club (26+) Development Program

See Circular 3535 (.pdf, 453Kb)
The Beyond My Club (26+) Development Program was introduced in 2015 and received overwhelming interest and support.
Surf Life Saving New South Wales (SLSNSW) will be continuing the ‘Beyond My Club (26+) Development Program’ in 2018.
A large amount of feedback has been collected from the past two programs and a number of enhancements have been made to the program for 2018.
The program will continue to bridge the gap in formal development opportunities for new members aged 26 years and over.
It will encompass all aspects of Surf Life Saving from a club perspective including but not limited to
member recruitment and development, educational pathways, sport participation and lifesaving skills development.
A key focus of the program will be to promote best practice initiatives that can be tailored to an individual club’s needs.
Applicants should be aged 26 years or over, have attained their SLS Bronze Medallion within the past 3 years (since 1 June 2016).


Firstly, a big thank you for supporting our efforts through the sale of raffle tickets
and in helping out on the Rotary Christmas at the Races fundraising day and raffle.
Given that it was Christmas Eve, we had a very good crowd who seemed to really enjoy the festive atmosphere.
All the funds raised will be used to support the four Surf Life Saving Clubs in the Eurobodalla.
We know the funds raised will be well used to support the terrific work that you do each season.
I know each of your clubs have a wish list of equipment that will enhance your voluntary work.

This year as a result of our fund raising and the terrific support of the Moruya Jockey Club,
Rotary will be making a donation of $3000 to each of the four Surf Life Saving Clubs.

Again, many thanks for your support.

Notice January 31, 2018: Brewarrina to Bourke Surf Boat Marathon 30 Year Reunion

The inaugural Brewarrina to Bourke Surf Boat Marathon is planning a 30 year reunion on the October long weekend.
Crews from Yamba, Dee Why, Queenscliff, North Bondi, Port Kembla and Broulee are invited.
Contact Zom on 0402 139 844

Notice January 31, 2018: Dear Nippers Families

The water station at this year’s Bay to Breakers swim event is going green.
Single use plastics are creating significant problems for the oceans we all love.
Instead of providing single use plastic cups (used for about 3 seconds of drinking,
then thrown into landfill for who knows how many centuries)
we will be using plastic cups that can be washed and reused for many years of Bay to Breakers (or other Surf Club events).
Rather than purchasing new plastic, we reckon there are enough plastic cups
already floating around the cupboards of Broulee and Canberra to do the job.
We need about 300.
We hope you can help!

We would like you to bring in any spare plastic cups you have and can do without.
You know, the ones hanging around from the last Tupperware party or the excess ones in your picnic set.
They need to be in good condition, obviously.

Please bring your cups to Nippers this Sunday or any Sunday between now and March.
We will collect them, wash them and use them with much appreciation.
Also, please think about how you can avoid single use plastic every day.

Please contact Anita Doughty (mob: 0466 012510) if you have any questions.
Many thanks.

Notice January 18, 2018: Broulee’s four crews complete the Bass

25 surfboats started the George Bass Surfboat marathon on 31st December
for a 190km row to Eden over 7 days.
Four of those crews were from Broulee.
The biggest representation of any club in Australia and one sixth of the fleet.
The four Broulee crews were:

1. Broulee Bluebottles open women swept by Rob Pollock finished 2nd overall
2. Broulee Capital open women swept by Gary Pettigrove finished 4th overall
3. Broulee BATS masters women were swept by Justin Zutt finished 3rd overall
4. Broulee Capitals masters men were swept by David Maguire finished 6th overall

Andrew Edmunds was the Bass coordinator for the second time and worked tirelessly for a good result.
Thanks Andrew.

An amazing fact on this bass was the every beach entry and exit
over the seven days was dead flat and there was no carnage at all.
Very different to the large shore dumps of the last few basses.
Our 32 Broulee rowers tried their best on every leg and we are proud of
everyone of the surfboat rowers.
It was an amazing effort by the crews.
Every bass squad was heaps of helpers who man support boats, irbs,
provide beach safety, drive cars and trailers and prepare food.
We thank them all and we could not do it without them.

We thank our families for allowing us to train hard and for arranging their
schedules and routines to allow us to do our best at the bass.

We thank the club committee and members for their support and for the go
Broulee cheers as we went around the Broulee buoy on leg 1.

We experienced tough southerly winds on 5 days, an easterly wind on leg 6
and finally a northerly tail wind on day 7.

Congratulations crews on a fine effort.
See some great pics of the Broulee Capitals.

Gary Pettigrove
Boat captain

Notice January 9, 2018: Local Broulee Crews Perform Well in the George Bass Marathon

Broulee “Bluebottles” Open Women’s team and Broulee “Bats” placed second
and third respectively in the World’s Longest ocean oared race which started
on New Year’s Eve Batemans Bay.
7 legs over 7 and days finished in Eden on January 6th.
Read the full stories and see pics of crews:
BATS Win Bronze (.pdf, 90Kb)
Local Crew Win Second (.pdf, 66Kb)
GBM Images

Notice January 4, 2018: Thank You From The Broulee Sandcastles Competition Committee and The George Bass Crews

A few thank you's to a few people who have helped out on recent events lately.
* Thank you to Kerry Evans and Cath Prow for assisting with 1st Aid at the annual
Broulee Sandcastles competition on New Years Eve.
Your assistance was greatly appreciated by the Broulee & Mossy Point Community Association.
* Thank you also to Al Veness, Scott Kemmis, Pete Halpin and Geoff Wells for the assistance
given with the launch of the boats and crews for the George Bass out of Tuross on Tuesday.